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Objective:  Be the first to discard all your cards.

Whirlwind Family Card Game Rules   (2 to 10 players ages 8 and up.)

1. Deal each player seven cards. Cut the deck and create two draw piles. Flip over the top card and create a discard pile.

2. On your turn, you can discard a card having a matching suit, number, or power card.

3. You can play an identical card out of turn and skip players ahead of you.

4. Discard the last card for the win!

#5 - #12 are Power Cards instructions.


Optional Rules

1. Shout "Whirlwind!" before other players when you have one card. Otherwise you draw 2 cards and everyone passes all their cards in the direction of the game.​

2. When it is your turn and you get skipped by an identical card or wild card by another player, you have to draw one card.​​

How to play Whirlwind Family Card Game (part 1)

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Community Play - Q&A

How to play Whirlwind Family Card Game (part 2)

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