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The Power Cards

#5 - #12 on the game instructional cards with each deck.​



5. The turn goes back to the previous player and the direction of the game is changed. (For a 2 player game, the player playing the Back Card goes again)


6. All players pass their hand to the player in the direction the game is being played. If the game is played counter-clockwise, pass your cards to the right and receive all the cards from the player on your left.

Number 7

"Lucky Whirlwind"


7. You have a choice to keep your hand or trade it with any player when you shout "Lucky Whirlwind" before the next player discards a card. All players must tell how many cards they have in their hand. You must give all and take all the cards from the player you are trading with.

Pass 1


8. The next player loses a turn (For a two player game, the player discarding a Pass 1 Card goes again).

Pass 2

& Wild card


9. The next 2 players lose their turn (For a 2 or 3 player game, the player discarding the card goes again).

All suits

Wild card


10. You can play an All Suits card and shout out a suit to be played. The next player can play any card as long it touches the discard pile before the suit is called.

Numbers 1, 3, 5, and 9

with All suits Wild card


11. If a player plays one of these numbered wild cards and calls out a suit, you can play that number with that suit out of turn.  Also, you can go out of turn if someone plays a number matching your all suit card. 

Example; you can discard a 3 all suits on a 3 of spades out of turn but you cannot change the suit. What you actually do is make that 3 all suits identical to a 3 of spades. That is why you can go out of turn, skip players and the spade stands.

+1 +3 +5

Plus card ​in all suits


12. When someone plays a +1 and you play a +1,the next person draws 2 cards. Only the same number of pluses can be added together; +1 on +1 and +3 on +3. You can't discard your hand until you draw all your cards first. When a player in front of you draws a card, play your hand fast. This prevents that player from discarding a draw card when your card touches a discard pile or your hand touches a draw pile to take a card. When the draw piles are depleted, take all the discarded cards except the top card, shuffle the cards, cut it in half and make 2 draw piles.

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